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Regular Practice – Rejuvenation in Layers
Rejuvenation in Layers
Tailoring and repairs on demand.

Creative direction is world building. It is our opportunity to elevate the identities we work with by forging the environment they are experienced in. For us it is the freedom to fulfil the potential of a brand by allowing it to fully express its character. To fully dive into the minutiae of the identity, and to fully deliver on its promise. Recently we had the chance to extensively explore the world of Nette.

Regular Practice – Process

Our practice is fundamentally typographically led, laying the very foundations of the work we create. But for us, the reward and significance of our type is found in its real-world application. In its tactility, and in its physical manifestation. For Andaman House we asked how type could manifest in metal, and what influence the physical construction of type has on its design, its environment, and its impact.

Regular Practice – Process
Regular Practice – Latest

Uniqlo x Its Nice That

RP Ultra Light Type - Commissioned by UNIQLO — in response to the Ultra Light Down Jacket, we developed a typeface with a stencil lettering tool in mind. 26 Individual letters laser cut from 50 x 70, 8mm perspex, with interlocking furniture for alignment. We also produced a smaller size with all A-Z on one sheet. letters rendered using 25mm acrylic paint markers.

Regular Practice – Extracurricular

50w 50h

In our exhibition, entitled 50w 50h, we were interested in examining the relationship between underlying structure; patterns and technology, and the culture that is able to emerge from those. Using flexible “neon” LED rope, we wrote on the walls, employing differing underlying grid patterns and joining angles. 4 exercises, approximating an attempt at reflecting on these larger questions.

Regular Practice – Extracurricular